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Jayne Dion

Artist Statement

      I am an artist because I inherently have a story to tell. My story is based on life experiences, heartache, dream interpretation, the observance of human behavior and the world around me. In lieu of words or song I choose pencil, paper, oils, clay or metal as my voice for narration. I perceived my work as reality-bending, sensual in style and a genre unto its own, created as a tie that binds us in a celebration of the resilience of the human spirit.

     "A Fold in Time" series is a consideration of how we heal our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual brokenness through time. I discovered at a young age creating art heals me or at least soothes my brokenness until the passing of time releases the pain and suffering of my heart.

     Contemplate if we had the capability to bend or "fold time" and travel back to those pivotal moments when we could change a thought, a word or decision...

      " Trees of Mystery" series represents the divine healing power of trees, the vastness of the universe, humanities roll in conserving our natural world and the paths we choose in life. In my youth I spent many hours climbing, sitting and sketching in trees. Being part Native American (Acjachemen of San Juan Capistrano, California) the beautiful Oak trees where I grew up are of significant importance to me and my family as are the majestic forests of the redwoods where I spent many summers in northern California. Therefore, "The Trees of Mystery" series brings special attention to the consequential impact of deforestation occurring on a global scale. This series also explores how trees are like humans, a theory I will share on instagram when completed.

     The Trees of Mystery is comprised of mixed media: clay, wire, metal, glass, kirigami (cut paper) pen, ink and oil paints.

Public Mural

The public mural, photo found at the bottom of the Trees of Mystery page, Clear Vision 20/20 was the theme of the annual mural contest held by the Pacthogue Arts Council, NY. A set of binoculars and floating lenses reveal a glimpse into conservation topics as well as humanities interpersonal relationships with each other and nature.                 Articles, interviews and further details regarding the mural are referenced:                Bio-CV/Exhibits/Press page.

     It is my sincerest hope that my work captures and transports the viewer if only for an instant to reflect, escape and heal.

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